Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Porsche Panamera loaded with V6 and V8 engines

Porsche Panamera
Porsche Panamera

The upcoming Porsche Panamera is one of the models going to receive a new family of engines designed for the firm’s first advanced MSB platform.
New Porsche Panamera is powered by new sporty V6 & V8 engines. It will be launched in 2017 & sit on high-tech MSB platform. The platform is likely to be shared with Bentley from 2017.
Even though Porsche wasn’t a fully trained part of the Volkswagen group then, but still, it designed its own V6 & V8 for Panamera and Cayenne.
Porsche is one of the leading developments of new MSB platform. The new engines will be used in the newly built models of MSB platform. The V6 and V8 petrol engines will have a more sporty character than Volkswagen or Audi engines. MSB will underpin sporty and luxurious front-engined models with both rear and four-wheel-drive, largely from Porsche and possibly Bentley.
However, Bentley has yet to commit to developing its next-gen Continental GT and Flying Spur models off the MSB programme. In case Bentley doesn’t commit, Audi’s MLB structure, the longitudinal engine architecture which will be used to underpin the A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8.
The MSB platform will be equipped with technologies to meet high-speed performance criteria and include components in high-strength steel and lightweight aluminium, all of which are favorable for Bentley.
MSB is being developed as a fully flexible modular architecture, which will allow changes to wheelbase, track and seating position. This would permit low and sporty Porsches as well as taller, more formal Bentleys.
A two-door Panamera with hard and soft-top roofs has also yet to be signed off for production. However, Porsche has ‘package protected’ the model, which denotes that the platform has been designed keeping in mind these models.

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