Sunday, March 24, 2019

Mercedes G63 : 6×6 Supertruck


The world saw its first 6X6 wheel transmission system back in 1976 formula 1 season by the Tyrell racing organization and after it’s advent there were many 6X6 experimental projects but none sustained, after 38years In comes the Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 G-class, mother of all SUV’s would be apt to describe this beast, this is the second most expensive Mercedes in production, only after the SLS electric drive, is estimated to be around $525,000!!!!.
I mention the Tyrell P34 on purpose, because on the automotive scale of practical appliance to wild exotic, the 6×6 gets parked next to one of the greatest formula cars. One is a sports car, the other an off-roader, but both are taking their missions to their respective extremes. This civilized version of the G320 CDI 6×6 is made to thrill the off roading enthusiast. Mercedes claims that this monster can hit 60 mph in fewer than 8 seconds thanks to its 5.5 liters twin turbo V-8, seven speed transmission and boasts a 18 inches bead lock wheels wrapped with 37 inch tires. These tires can be centrally inflated or fully deflated with the help of four 20-liter air tanks and a giant compressor. Zero pressure to a roadworthy 2 bar happens in 20 seconds. Then there are the Öhlin gas bypass shocks, stiffer springs, more robust bump stops, and a bunch of custom aluminum pieces, such as the rear bumper. The real money, however, went into the geared-offset “portal axles” required to accommodate central tire inflation. Initially designed for a future armored military G, not only do they give the 6×6 its impressive 18 inches of ground clearance, but they were designed with carlike performance in mind

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I should probably mention that the 6×6 has five differentials. This gets a little tricky, but it’s worth explaining. The transmission feeds torque into the transfer case where, when locked, it’s meted out 50/50 to the front and rear solid axles. When the 6×6’s first locker button is activated, the center transfer case locks and sends 31 percent of the available torque to the front axle. The remaining 70 percent of the torque is divided further by the 6×6’s real party trick, the first rear axle’s double-differential. It’s complete with a pass-through, chain-driven power takeoff to the aftmost axle that simultaneously locks along with the transfer case to provide a final torque split of 30/40/30 front to rear. The new AMG 4Matic systems on the E- and S-Class feature a permanent torque split of 30/70. Surprisingly, with the first locker engaged, the 6×6 gets a little tail-happy. Talk about fun. Pressing the second locker button activates the locking differentials in the two rear axles. The third locker button locks the differential up front, turning the already crazy-capable 6×6 into a sturdy truck.
This can be predicted as one of the most expensive toy that one will experience the same sense of childlike hurrah every time they step into it.I predict the awesome G63 6×6 will surely amaze the new generation of car lovers.

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