Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bentley’s Vision : Hybrid Power



Bentley fixes its vision on using hybrid power.

Company Boss, Wolfgang Schreiber disclosed that Bentley has made up its decision to use hybrid power trains in its upcoming models. He said the technology was “perfect for us”, and would be “applied” to a number of Bentley models at its base in Crewe.

The firm’s first Bentley model to use hybrid technology will be appearing soon. The forthcoming SUV will be launched in 2016, with a plug-in hybrid variant to launch in 2018.

The export activities make up most of the sales for Bentley, constituting 88% of the total turnover. The UK market also performed well & contributed to 14% of total deliveries.

The firm’s biggest market is in US. But, various growth opportunities  awaits Bentley in china, where it is currently the top luxury brand.

Schreiber said, “Customers all over the world are passionate about Bentley. The luxury car market is never stationary. We will continue to make sure that Bentley will meet the changing needs of our discerning customers.”

Bentley delivered a total of 10,120 cars in 2013. Last year, the company had 193 dealerships, but plans to increase this to around 220 sales points by the end of this year.

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