Saturday, April 20, 2019

Nissan ZEOD RC

Nissan has come up with it’s all-new hybrid racing car Nissan ZEOD (Zero Emission On Demand) which will be competing in the prestigious 2014 Le Mans race to be held at the Circuit de la Sarthe, France. It is designed by Ben Bowlby the former designer of DeltaWing. This is a result of Nissan’s perspective to change the face of hybrid racing through it’s innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

Talking about the design of ZEOD which is quiet similar to that of DeltaWing with narrow front trackwidth and broader at the rear giving it a shape of a spear all ready to tear through the air at the Le Mans Circuit.

Here where the real magic starts. The Drivetrain of NISSAN ZEOD includes a revolutionary 1.5L three cylinder engine which weighs just about 40kgs delivering a whooping output of 400HP. As a result of higher power-to-weight ratio it produces more power than a 2014 Formula 1 engine. Also through this Nissan will become the leading manufacturer of 3-cylinder engine to be used in an international Motorsport event. The giant aimed at downsizing the engine to make it lighter in order to gain advantage in the racing arena. Nissan partnered up with Total to help develop fuel and lubricants for the engine in order to enhance engine’s performance. Both the gasoline and electric power-plants are coupled to a five-speed gearbox to deliver the performance bestowed with it. It is also powered by an electric motor which draws-in electricity from Lithium Ion battery packs. Nissan is aiming to set a world record by completing one lap (8.47 miles) in full electric drive mode at Le Mans.

Here are some of the Engine Specifications of ZEOD :

Capacity : 1.5 Liters
Type : Petrol Engine
Number of Cylinders : 3
Injection Type : direct-injection
Power : 400 bhp
Dimensions(LBH) : 400x200x500 mm
Speed : 7,500 RPM
Torque : 380 Nm

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