Friday, April 26, 2019

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: The Ultimate Grand Tourer

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Yet another Ferrari rolls out of the Maranello factory with lot of fuss and huss, every motor magazine critic asked one big question after the introduction of the Enzo, 458 speciale, what next? Could Ferrari deliver even better! to answer their doubts Ferrari unleashed the F12 Berlinetta the ultimate Grand Tourer, well the Ferrari is not the successor for the Enzo but to the 599GTB Fiorano.The new F12berlinetta will be Ferrari’s most expensive, quickest, and most powerful model.

The Ferrari has some staggering numbers to be crunched in, with a 6.3L DOHC 48 valve V-12,aluminium block and heads, summing the car to a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 3-door hatchback , producing a power 730hp at 8250rpm and 509lb-ft torque at 6000rpm, backed by a state of the art 7 speed dual clutch automatic, with manual shifting mode. Priced at $330,000, savvy!!!

The F12berlinetta is built around an aluminium space frame chassis co-developed with Scaglietti. The chassis is made up of 12 different aluminium alloys and improves structural rigidity by 20% over the 599, whilst reducing weight by 70 kg (150 lb). The centre of gravity has been lowered by around 25 mm (1 in). The F12berlinetta’s weight distribution is 46% front, 54% rear.Similar to other contemporary Ferrari models, the F12berlinetta uses Ferrari’s third generation CCM3 carbon ceramic disc brakes with ABS, SCM-E magnetorheological suspension, an electronic limited slip differential, ESP Premium stability control and F1-Trac traction control. The car’s stability and traction control, suspension and other settings are controlled by the Manettino dial mounted on the steering wheel.

The F12berlinetta makes use of aerodynamic techniques based on Ferrari’s 599XX and Formula One programmes, developed with wind tunnel and CFD testing. A notable feature is the Aero Bridge, an air channel running from the bonnet, through the flanks and along the sides of the vehicle, creating an effect that increases downforce. Another feature is Active Brake Cooling ducts, which open to direct cooling air only when the brakes are hot, keeping them closed at other times to reduce aerodynamic drag. The F12berlinetta produces 123 kg (271 lb) of downforce at 200 km/h (120 mph) – an increase of 76% over the 599 GTB – and has a drag coefficient of 0.299.

Ferrari reports that the F12berlinetta is capable of lapping the Fiorano test circuit in 1 minute, 23 seconds; 1.0 second faster than the 599 GTO, 2.0 seconds faster than the Enzo Ferrari, 2.0 seconds faster than the 458 Italia, 2.0 seconds faster than the 430 Scuderia and 3.5 seconds faster than the 599 GTB.

The body of the F12berlinetta is designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina, and shares some styling elements with other recent Ferrari models. This includes a front grille similar to the FF and headlights shared with the FF and 458 Italia. The interior, based on the FF, features new “Frau Leather” upholstery with aluminium, Alutex, and carbon fibre trim, and has increased luggage space compared to the 599.

To a racing driver the car might be a ultimate driving heaven but might be a bit too much for a normal city driver however after inspecting the technical numbers the top speeds of the car and the stability makes it quite a joy ride if you can burn a hole through your accounts!!!!

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