Sunday, March 24, 2019

Saving lives with Samsung “Safety Trucks”.

Samsung Safety Truck Has Four Screens At The Rear That Helps Approaching Vehicles During Overtaking.


Inspired by a alarming statistic of people being killed in traffic accidents in Argentina, Samsung and Leo Burnett Argentina created the “Safety Truck”.

With the guiding understanding that crashes often occur while automobiles pass on the country’s many one-way roads, Samsung added a built-in camera to the front of a truck. This device captures real-time footage of the road and then wirelessly feeds it to four Samsung screens on the truck’s rear wall. This live film will play continuously as the truck moves, making nearby drivers aware of their surroundings, and it even features a night vision view, for cars driving during nights.

This technological solution was created by Leo Burnett and Samsung in partnership with tech company Ingemática, aiming to reduce traffic accidents.

We would really like to see such technology incorporated on almost all the trucks. What about you? Share your views about the Samsung Smart Trucks with us through the comments section below.

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