Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Maruti’s Newer Set of Wheels, YRA; Colonized in Nexa Outlets


Maruti Suzuki buckles up to launch YRA, a premium compact car through company’s top-end retail outlets Nexa.

The company’s idea is to beef up offerings at Nexa and to have a fuller portfolio to expand it quickly and assure a continuous rise in walk-ins at the premium retail outlets.

At Nexa, Maruti Suzuki plans to sell cars not having a Maruti logo for the first time in over three decades. Company aims to have at least 100 Nexa outlets by the end of this year and to launch S-cross, the first car from retail outlet by 15th August.

The concept of Nexa outlet is expected to be a lot different from the conventional dealership where sales executed will carry Apple iPads and present different aspects of car on specialized electronic panels.

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