Friday, April 26, 2019

Fiat Chrysler Issued Safety Recall


A tech magazine on Tuesday reported that hackers had taken control of Jeep Cherokee via its internet connected entertainment system which is why Fiat Chrysler ensured a safety recall for 1.4 million cars in the US. After the security searches it was found that one of its cars could be hacked which is a criminal offence. After the researches Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek who had spent years investigating and controlling the control systems of cars demonstrated that it was possible for the hackers to control Jeep Cherokee through its entertainment system. In response to the news the company quickly took up their stand to mention that their software exploitation did not lead to any injuries and the recall in return was issued to help the customers. Though a spokes person of Fiat told the BBC that none of the cars sold in the UK were affected by hacking but a recent investigation proved that how easy it was to hack a car’s control system through a digital radio. Fiat Chrysler’s recall comes soon after the 2 US senators introduced a bill to call on US Federal Trade Commission and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to set standards on vehicle security for car makers and also to make the customers aware of the fact that which car makers worked the hardest to make un-hack able cars via the security rating system.



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