Friday, April 26, 2019

The armoured gentleman comes in!! The Merc S600 guard…

The car looks like a normal S-Class, doesn’t it? But, well, it isn’t, and that’s the whole point of a bullet- and grenade-proof car. It should look as regular as possible, not attract any undue attention and still be able to protect its occupants (moneyed and powerful) in case things don’t go according to plan.

And, that’s just what the armour-plated Mercedes S 600 Guard is built for. The S Guard weighs a whopping 4.5 tonnes, and out of that, the armour it is adorned with itself weighs about 1.7 tonnes. Obviously, it’s an attribute that just the thing to have if you are a tycoon anticipating bullets, calls from the underworld and other scary stuff like that.

Mercedes has been in the business of making bullet-proof cars for nearly 80 years, and it used to fortify its cars even before the Second World War. Over the years, the company has learnt from its experience and gotten better and better at its job. All those learnings and loads of cutting-edge tech have been utilised to make the S-Guard the safest car on the planet.

For starters, the cabin iscovered with armour that can withstand attacks from military-grade weapons. The doors, the floor, the roof and the front and rear are fused so that there’s no room for bullets to get in. In fact, the armour is so strong that it can keep its occupants safe even if two hand grenades go off simultaneously under the car.

The glass area, too, has been fortified to keep bullets out. The windows and the windscreen are coated with polycarbonate, and the glass itself is several times thicker than the stock glass used in regular cars. In fact, the windows are so heavy that they require lots of hydraulic help to open and close.

The S-Guard is even protected from fire hazards. If you pay Merc a little extra, they’ll happily install a fire extinguisher kit, that’s what it is.. you pay more, you get more… As you may have guessed by now, it’s not a regular kit. This thing in the S Guardis activated at the flick of a button in the cabin and can snuff out fire around, inside and even under the car. Straight out of a James Bond movie, right?.. 😀

Now, we all know that guns are a threat to the tyres , but if the tyres are purpose-built rubber like the ones on the S-Guard, they have no problems with guns. The Merc uses specially designed Michelins that can run even if there’s absolutely no air pressure in them. Not just that, Merc claims the car will manoeuvre as well as it would on inflated tyres, and get you out of a danger zone in double quick time. The tyres are capable of carrying the S-Guard for 30km at a max speed of 80kph in a damaged condition.

The S-Guard was designed and built alongside the regular S. The chassis has been upgraded to take on the peculiar set of challenges it might be faced with. Steel replaces aluminium that makes up most of the chassis in the regular S to take on the extra load and still remain enduring. And, after driving it on a racetrack, we can say without a doubt that the S-Guard handles beautifully for a car that weighs so much and runs on specially designed rubber. Comfort, too, has been taken care of and matches the standards of the regular S, which, of course, means it’s well damn comfortable inside.

Obviously, there’s no point making a danger-proof car if the said vehicle can’t vamoose out of a snafu quickly. To take care of that, Merc has plonked a 5.5-litre V12 under the car’s long hood. It makes an amazing 522bhp and an enormous 830Nm of twist. The claimed top speed is 210kph, and to haul this beast to a stop, the brakes, too, have been upgraded, and are possibly capable of bringing even a freight train to a halt. It’s better to avoid than to deal with danger, isn’t it?

All these upgrades, tonnes of armour, and cutting edge tech don’t come cheap. Obviously, if you’re a moneybag or a politician, you can afford to spend a lot of money to stay safe. In this case, Mercedes demands a cheque of Rs 8.9 crore for that privilege. And, that’s just the starting price. If you want to further cocoon your car, the price go up to Rs 12 crore (ex-showroom price @ Delhi). That’s hell a lot of money to make sure you are kept out of danger’s way, but then again, there are many men who probably don’t think that way.. right?

Lets have a look at the engine specs of the armoured champ …
Specs:-  5531cc, V12, turbo petrol, 522bhp, 830Nm, RWD, 7A, top speed: 210kmph (limited), Rs 8.9 crore (ex-showroom price @ Delhi)

The World’s Best Car is also now the world’s safest car. Bullets and grenades are not a problem, though you should watch out for the tax guys…Finally the thing is if you are a VIP you should pay more to stay the safest & get pampered with the luxury of the S-class..

That’s all folks!!  😉

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