Friday, April 26, 2019

Skoda – Emission Cheating Software

Volkswagen is deep trouble following reports of using a cheating software that essentially helps their cars pass emissions testing when undergoing a test but drastically increased emissions while being used under normal day-to-day circumstances. The reports, lead by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, indicated that cars across the Volkswagen Auto Group could be affected.

Following VW’s announcement, Skoda owned by VW itself has announced that about 1.2 million or 12 lakh cars have used this emissions beating software to pass stringent testing norms. The Skoda announcement comes quick on the heels of the VW group announcement that over 5 lakh cars have been affected by the software.

Only 2 litre diesel cars by the VW group are said to have this cheating software, originally made by Bosch for testing purposes mainly across the United States.  Now it is also being speculated that 3.0 litre engine equipped cars might have this software too. If found, that could also mean grave issues for the likes of Porsche in the next few years.

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