Friday, June 23, 2017

Mr.Priyam Mohanty Joins Autosports Club,Becomes The New President



Mr. Priyam Mohanty, an alumnus of Cranfield University, England is named as Autosports Club President. Mr. Mohanty is responsible for developing scrutiny for technology in the young minds. His contributions are huge in the field of mechanics as well as aerospace engineering. His research in the field of Aerospace structures fortifies the prime ministers ideology of “Make In India”. He has been a regular endowment in Autosports technology as well. His vast knowledge in various fields allows the young students to fetch every bits and work together towards the progress of the country.

Mr. Mohanty, a well-known technocrat personality, a young researcher in Aerospace structures,has great interest towards product simulation techniques and strongly believes in quality and scientific processes. His affinity towards academics made him to leave his successful corporate career behind.  Currently, he is working as Deputy Director (R&D) in Renowned University and associated with Autosports India as External Chief Strategic Consultant for various company engagements.

Mr.  Mohanty has a vast experience in Research and Development establishments in University and aims to fill the gap between industry and academics with innovative approaches. His pertinence to Autosports India will definitely help to achieve new heights, whether be it in the field of training or Autosports events like the “Mega ATV championship”. The successful conduction of these events will hopefully work as a driving force to indulge great minds in the technological  field and in turn bring out the best outcome for the country

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