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Three words for the crew from Sant’Agata who designed the Lamborghini Egoist : “ Loss of mind”.

Probably, Lamborghini , the only company which is least concerned about its finesses, would name a car ,” The Egoist”. It’s a single-seat, four-wheeled birthday present to itself in its 50th birthday anniversary.

The car seems to be an unprepared collection of Speed Racer’s Mach5, a Matchbox car & ApacHe Helicopter. A look at it and you can see the insane, childlike minds of its designers. Words will fall short if one takes a look and tries to describe this completely maniacal mishmash of angles and creases, stuffed with a 5.2 litre V10.

At a private unveiling in Italy, Walter De Silva, the VW Group’s head of Design, said , “ it is designed purely for highly artistic and elegant people who desire for the most special things of this world. The Egoist defines pleasure taken to the extreme. It’s a car without compromises; in a word: egoista”.
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But, just to remind him ‘egoist’ stands for ‘selfish’.

Somewhere among the eye-popping orange leather and obligatory carbon fiber is what you might charitably describe as a steering wheel. Beyond that lies an angular instrument panel with an octagon-shaped head-up display pulled from a fighter jet. Yes, a fighter jet. It’s part of a theme, you see. According to Lamborghini, for the driver to extricate himself from the cockpit, he must first remove the steering wheel, open the orange-hued dome, then oh-so-carefully “sit down on a precise point of the left-hand bodywork, then swivel their legs 180 degrees from the inside of the cockpit to the outside of the vehicle.”

The Egoist is what’s been missing from the world of supercars. It rejoices in its self-indulgence and depravity which is completely psychotic, wholly impractical, and totally absurd. It’s either a blessing or a curse that the Egoist will never be seen beyond the walls of Lamborghini’s museum.

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