Thursday, August 4, 2022

BMW Hydrogen 7

Hydrogen 7
The BMW Hydrogen 7 proves that switching to alternative drive energy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing driving pleasure, comfort and safety.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is powered by a hydrogen internal combustion engine which draws on the technological innovations and refinement of today’s most advanced gasoline powered internal combustion engines to provide a proven and familiar driving experience.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 has a bi-fuel engine. It can run on either liquid hydrogen or gasoline for as long as the necessary large-scale hydrogen infrastructure is not yet in place.

Innovative BMW CleanEnergy technology is being introduced first in the luxury performance class in the BMW Hydrogen 7. Its role as an innovation standard bearer makes the BMW 7 Series the perfect pioneer for this new technology before it is adapted for other models at a later date.

The BMW 7 is the world’s first vehicle of its kind to have gone through the conventional production development process- a pioneering feat of engineering. All components of the new technology were developed in accordance with the high standards that apply to production vehicles in order to provide customers with a vehicle suitable for everyday use.

The cutting-edge BMW Hydrogen 7 is the world’s first luxury sedan with a bi-fuel engine to have undergone a production development process. This production vehicle takes us another major step closer to the hydrogen age.

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