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Exclusive Coverage – Audi Bhubaneswar

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Being the number one player in the luxury car market in India, overtaking BMW last year, Audi has been expanding its reach in various part of the country. Audi Bhubaneswar is spread over a total area of 11,500 sq.ft making it the largest luxury car showroom in the state of Odisha  accommodating 14 cars in the display area. It also houses the Official Audi Merchandise area  and the Audi Exclusive elements, where customers can order customized products and purchase a variety of Audi branded merchandise.


“We feel that we understand the Indian market much better than our competitors and our current aim is to reach 90% market share in luxury cars in Odisha” – Sourav Sahu, Marketing Head, Audi Bhubaneswar

In a candid conversation with Mr Sourav Sahu, marketing head, Audi Bhubaneswar, he goes on to explain the hopes and aspirations of the company and the extensive marketing strategies required to thrive in this business and do better than the competitors.

 How has the luxury car market evolved over the years? And where does Audi fit in?

We are the first luxury car manufacturer in India to sell 10,000 cars in a calendar year which has never been achieved before. There are brands which have been there for the past 20 years, but haven’t been able to achieve it. And even in this financial quarter, we are ahead of the others!

  Is there any brand propagation strategy in particular that you follow?

 We basically planned a map. Our segment of customers would be someone who I am assuming would travel by air. He lands at the airport, we have got hoardings there near the conveyor belt and also on the seat covers. He goes to the premium hotels out here, preferably Mayfair or Trident; We have got our presence there as well as we have got events like dine and drive and so on going on there too. So, it’s all about the amount of brand recall you can give to a customer.

“Feasibility of products and process has been hallmarks of Audi” Your take?

We want to keep our leadership composition and technology that we are using sustainable in the market and also focus on progressive thinking. For example, if you take Mercedes and BMW into consideration, they have launched the A-series and the 1-series respectively. Now, we feel if a customer should shell out 32lakhs, his aspiration should be to have a bigger car in the premium segment. So we came out with the Q3 S edition!

Factors like rising fuel prices, depreciating rupee, higher duty on diesel cars and so on have been in picture for quite some time. Hasn’t it affected the car sales?

 See, we are talking about a product which is not a mass product; it’s a luxury. Yes these are macro factors which affect on a basic level, but not on a decision making level.

Where are you aiming to reach 3 years from now?

Currently we are the number one in Odisha and we would like to maintain that stature. Our plan in Odisha is to increase the number of sales. Currently having 70% market share in luxury cars, we aim to be at 90% in the recent future.

Audi Q7 Features :


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