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911 Porsche Targa 4S 2014

New 2014 911 Porsche Targa is much more stylish than its counterpart the Cabriolet, which now comes under the 991 company badge It has the retro look but with sprinkles of the 2014 technological edge , the 2014 targa derives its retro look from its 1965 counterpart with a rear glass dome along with B pillars.

To have this piece of fine engineering the customer has to shell nearly 90,000 pounds, which again differ with type od transmission system that you would prefer and the tyre packs, the exhaust system, and the list goes on.


The Targa of our readers is the design type that company use on their vehicles and design is basically for the rear end retractable roof and the glass dome or cuboid shape that is given. Porsche has made it fully electric.

When the car is stationary, the glass rear screen moves up and out, the metal hoop splits and the roof panel slides backwards and sits above the engine.

About 19 seconds later and the rear windscreen is back in place and you’re free to set off with the roof down. But that sounds a lot like a 911 Cabriolet, It does, buyers like the Targa for its retro appeal and its style. In the metal, it’s a gorgeous car and certainly more interesting than the standard Cabriolet – we can definitely see why the Targa looks set to win the aesthetic argument.




It’s not all about looks, though, and when it comes to picking the best 911 from a driver’s perspective, the Targa’s prospects don’t look good. It’s 110kg heavier than the Coupe and weighs 40kg more than the Cabriolet. In terms of straight-line performance, the 3.8-litre engine simply doesn’t feel as quick off the line – even with PDK and Sport Plus on our Targa 4S. The 0-62mph time of 4.4 seconds is still impressive, though. Porsche has recalibrated the suspension settings for the Targa and the fact that the handling feels just sharp and involving, proves that the tweaks have been a success. As with the acceleration, there’s a final edge to the handling that’s missing here but there’s no doubting the Targa is a true 911.



The Targa is only available with 4 or 4S models and Porsche’s latest four-wheel-drive system is the best yet. You get an element of extra traction in the wet and a little bit of help from the front wheels and torque vectoring system in the bends but this is a car that still feels rear-wheel drive.So when it comes down to picking between Targa and Cabriolet, what do you need to know? Well, the Targa costs about £600 less than a standard soft-top and we found that motorway refinement was a little better in this car. Other than that, there’s not much between them. But if convertibles are truly all about style, we’d go for the Targa – and that’s a choice that Porsche predicts more and more of its customers will make.


Key Features of the car are the Engine: 3.8-litre flat-six producing a power of 396bhp with a Transmission system of Seven-speed PDK, four-wheel drive, 0-62mph: 4.4 seconds (w/Sport Chrono Plus)top speed of 182mph.The car boasts additional features like Porsche torque vectoring, adaptive dampers, leather upholstery, sports seats, climate control.

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