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Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Vs. Suzuki Gixxer 150

Gixxer and pulsar 200ns are very different bikes. They are of different capacity class and pulsar is more costly than gixxer. Still here’s your comparison:




200ns is not at all for short heightened persons (pls don’t take it offensively) .I know you can do everything ,but that one landmass where road is uneven, you’ll go down for sure .

1). Powerful and in my opinion the best in its class currently.
2). Gives me an average of 40kmpl. Under hard riding around 35.
3). It has all the goodies of the latest bikes sans the Fi. But then again, carb is cheaper
4). Looks great

1). Baja SVC was a major dissapointment. My trusted llocal mechanic does the work much better.
2). Vibrations at 6K RPM. Minor issue, learnt to live with it.
3). Tires suck. Ok for commuting. Bad for touring or long rides.

Suggestions if u take NS:
1). Add a extra foam layer to seat. Helps ur bum in those long rides.
2). Change tires to a more soft compund one.
3). Get a double horn. Stock horn is very weak.
4). Dont expect the engine smoothness like yamaha or honda.
5). Get a motul chain clean and lube and DIY. Chain clean and lube after every 500 to 600 kms of run. U wont face chain problems.

Gixxer 150 :



  1. New engine design,  performance is good.  14.8bhp power Is more than enough for a city ride and even in highways
  2. Amazing mileage 55avg, although company claims 62kmpl
  3. Price tag and digital console. \U0001f60a

  • Engine: pulsar’s engine is 199.5cc liquid cooled 4 valved engine with triple spark tech that is shared with ktm. It is vibe free and easy to rev engine. Gixxer’s engine is 155c air cooled engine. Its engine is also very smooth and power delivery is linear as well. Both bikes are carburettor fueled. The efficiency of gixxer is better than pulsar under normal conditions.
  • Power figures:Pulsar 200ns is 23.5 bhp and gixxer is 14.3bhp. Thus, pulsar excels here. Also is the case in terms of torque. Pulsar is 18Nm and gixxer is 14Nm. Hence, acceleration & top speed both goes to pulsar.
  • Comfort: Both bikes have easy-on-the-back riding stance. But gixxer’s single piece seat is more comfortable than pulsar’s split seat.
  • Looks: both naked bikes have awesome looks and can turn heads. But when seen from the back, its the gixxer’s fresh yet imposing looks that steals the show.  Pulsar also is awesome especially with a cleaner side because of underbelly exhaust, but gixxer 2-hole exhaust looks fabulous.
  • Brakes: gixxer has a disc-drum setup whereas pulsar has petal discs at both sides. Pulsar wins this hands down.
  • Reliability: suzukis are reliable but with bajaj and ktm developing an all new engine with loads of tech, their engine is also a tough one to break.
  • Build quality: both bikes feel good but if i were to nitpick, then i would go for suzuki.


Finally, both bikes have their own strong and weak points. Where suzuki excels, the pulsar is not far behind, but when pulsar is ahead, its way ahead.
I cant comment on the pricing of the two bikes as it depends upon the area and taxes etc but they have a difference of atleast rs.15000.
If you are looking for something different and sporty go for 200ns.
Low on budget or need mileage and less maintenance costs then go for gixxer.
I believe both are stylish and reliable in their own way. For long rides would go for 200ns.


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