Saturday, January 28, 2023

What F1 cars could look like in 2017



In this animation Giorgio Piola illustrates forms that F1 cars may have from 2017, when the new regulation comes into force, compared with those of the Mercedes W06 Hybrid.

By: Giorgio Piola, Technical Editor

Wider rear tyres

The rear tyres are wider – up to 420mm – compared to the 380mm ones used now. The greater contact patch will give cars more “muscle” and higher mechanical grip.

The nose will extend 200mm further towards the front starting from the front axle, while the front wing width could increase from the current 825mm to 925mm.

Lower rear wing?

The rear wing will be substantially lower but with a greater projection towards the rear of the car: the top flap is down from 945mm to 800mm, while the lower flap is down to 600mm from 740mm.

Longer diffuser

In order to increase downforce, the rear diffuser will be longer. The side plates of the rear wing will be inclined towards the rear.

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