Thursday, January 26, 2023

All new Thar with some fancy updates….

The Thar is one of the better off roaders Mahindra & Mahindra provided till date. The recent facelift given to the Thar includes a few cosmetic upgrades on the outside and the addition of a locking differential(Eaton manufactured differential lock) at the rear. The engine remains the same from the older version, the same 2498cc CRDe engine


The plastic bumper has been designed to clear CMV regulations which state that there cannot be a gap between the front bumper and the body.

The soft-top is also new and made of a different material with better finish and a noticeable forward slant towards the rear. There are new wiper linkages to ensure the wiper blades and motor remain functional (the older car had an issue of the wipers hitting the rubber beading, causing stress to the motor in the long run).

It’s a whole lot nicer on the inside, with a new dashboard, the steering wheel from the Bolero, and a lockable glovebox as well. The seats are now from the old Scorpio, which make them more comfortable, the wing mirrors (also from the Bolero) are better, and the instrument panel is new with a backlit odometer, really cool right?

The dashboard is also set higher and accommodates the front demister to prevent the windscreen from fogging up in wet and cold weather. Also, the position of the steering wheel has been changed. It’s now moved further right, unlike the earlier car which had a slightly left-set wheel. The new steering feels better to hold and the slight shift in position helps the ergonomics as well. However, driving position is still truck-like with the raked steering wheel and high-set pedals, making long journeys quite uncomfortable. The tiny four-wheel drive lever could have changed places as it is still in the same awkward position and takes some effort to slot in. Also, the five-speed manual gearbox is still not light or easy to use and has an inconsistent feel while slotting into gears.

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After all, this SUV is now much more practical than it was earlier, as it achieves a level up in its fit & finish. All in all its a refreshed version of the old Thar which has many positive points which is going to attract more buyers for sure.. that’s what Mahindra wants right?


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