Sunday, December 4, 2022

Uber India announced its plan to enhance customer safety standards.

Uber, the taxi hailing company which has been criticized for not checking credentials of their driver partners, has announced to take serious new measures to improve safety while customers travel using their service.

This announcement comes after a few Uber drivers in the country have been reported of obscenity. The high point came when an Uber driver allegedly raped a female passenger in Delhi.

The company which paid little heed to weed out drivers with criminal records will now be conducting stringent character inquiries. Amit Jain, the President of Uber India has announced new investment into safety checks with $1 billion being set apart for the purpose.

Uber india investment

Uber India will be carrying out extensive background checks on all its drivers through partners First Advantage. In-depth police verification will be undertaken while drivers being employed by the company will be required to submit a list of required documents.

Besides driver checks, Uber’s new safety norms will also include other passenger safety facilities. Passengers will be able to send status at any point of time during the ride. They will have access to SOS alerts while the passengers can also be in direct touch with the nearest police station.

As a part of the company’s expansion plans, Uber India strives to service 1 million rides per day by March 2016. Uber will be also expanding to services to beyond the 18 cities it currently covers in India and will be investing in new products, hiring and other subsidies besides safety schemes to gain the confidence of new passengers.

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