Friday, December 9, 2022

2016 Ford Focus RS


Ford finally dropped the official U.S. specifications figures for its new Focus RS hatchback. With 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet under the hood, the RS delivers even more power than the maker initially announced. The most impressive feature is the car’s new “stall recovery” that eliminates the needs to manually restart the engine or move the gear selector to neutral as this innovative technology simply pushes the clutch back in. Ford also confirmed that production of Focus RS will begin later this year.

• Unique 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine powering all-new Focus RS certified at 350 horsepower at 6,000 rpm on way to 6,800-rpm redline

• Exclusive Focus RS turbo makes peak boost of 23.2 psi, with peak torque certified at 350 lb.-ft. at 3,200 rpm

• Innovative Focus RS feature restarts engine for drivers in the event of a stall.

The unique EcoBoost® engine in the all-new Ford Focus RS will produce 350 horsepower – far exceeding original estimates of 315 – along with 350 lb.-ft. torque.


Today’s Engine Stop-Start Technology

The system uses Engine Stop-Start, a technology that utilizes an oversized starter motor to let your engine take a breather at stop lights and stop signs.

The way the system works on most of today’s Fords is thus:

  1. You get to a stop sign, depress the clutch and hit the brakes until you come to a halt.
  2. You take the shifter and toss it into neutral
  3. You let off the clutch. The engine stops.
  4. The light turns green. You depress the clutch. The engine fires up.
  5. You shift into gear and get moving.

With Ford’s Stall Recovery Feature

Ford’s Stall Recovery feature uses all the same hardware found in the standard run-of-the-mill Stop-Start system described above, but adds a few lines of code.

These lines of code allow you to stay in gear and simply depress the clutch after stalling. The overweight starter motor then cranks your engine over, and you can get on your way.

If you stalled a vehicle with Stop-Start that did not have Stall Recovery (like the one mentioned in the last section) and you didn’t want to start the car with the push-button, you’d have to put the car in neutral, then depress the clutch, at which point the engine would fire by itself and you could go back into gear and be on your merry way.


Ford Focus RS is the latest car to be unveiled as part of a new golden age of Ford Performance. The plan calls for bringing more than 12 high-performance vehicles to market worldwide through 2020.




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