Wednesday, February 1, 2023

DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)

Summer vacations are boring. I end up sleeping all day. So one fine day when I was out in the market I happened to come across this really neat roll of Aluminium Mesh at a hardware store. Dimag ki batti jali and I thought to myself, I can use this to make a custom DIY Mesh Grill for the car. Went ahead and bought a piece of 1’x3′ since the width of the rolll was 3′. I think it cost around Rs.35 or something for a square foot and paid the money and left the shop.

Now time for the DIY. 

Tools Required:

1. Philips as well as flat head screwdriver.
2. 10mm and 12mm spanners although a T-spanner is always a boon.
3. Pliers
4. M seal
5. Cutter
6. Masking Tape
7. A thich piece of cloth to rest the bumper on when you take it off so that you don’t nick the paint.

My Tool Box.
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0111.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0117.jpg

The Procedure:

1. Start by parking the car in a shaded place since you would have to meddle with the bumper a bit to get it off and also make sure the ground is dry because you will have to get underneath your car.

2. There are 4 screws op top, 2 in the front and around 4 on the underside. Also need to take off a few clip on the under side.

3. Once that is done, gently pull the bumper from the corners taking care not to break the clips which doing so. The clips are mainly near the headlight area.

4. Take the bumper to your workstation where the cloth is laid on the ground to place the bumper along with your tools.

5. The focus now shifts to the piece of mesh, I personally prefer the silver color since my car is a dark shade so I didn’t paint it. Keep the mesh on top of the portion to be covered and cut to size using a cutter.

Please do this with caution as the mesh has sharp edges.

DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0106.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0105.jpg

6. Once the mesh is cut to size, use your hands and fold them into the shape of the air dam careful not to cut yourself and also take care you don’t break it while bending.

7. I used M-Seal to hold the mesh in place rather than drilling holes in the bumper. The advantage of using M-seal is that the whole process is reversible with negligible evidence of any tinkering have been done.

8. The M-Seal, 2 packets was mixed and applied at the corners first and then along the length at required intervals. I used masking tape to hold the grill in place which the M-Seal hardens.

DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0107.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0108.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0109.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0115.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0116.jpg

9. Now that the M-Seal has hardened, peel of the tape, check for rigidity and carefully carry the bumper back to the car. Put it back in the reverse order of removing starting by pushing it into the holding clips at either ends near the headlight. This hols the bumper in place nice and tight to put all the other clips and screws back in place. It’s always better if you have someone around to help you remove and put the bumper back to save the paint surface from scratches.

10. Once it’s fixed, look at your DIY and feel awesome. It was my first DIY and I sure felt super duper awesome.

Some pictures to show you how it will look.
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0118.jpg
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0119.jpg

Pretty cool, right?

One parting shot and thank you for reading.
DIY: Mesh Grill (Honda Amaze)-dsc_0120.jpg


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