Sunday, December 4, 2022

BBIN Friendship Rally Flags Off








BHUBANESWAR: ‘Tact and diplomacy are fine in international relations, in politics, perhaps even in business; in science only one thing matters, and that is the facts’. These were the word of the famous German psychologist Hans Eysneck. Over the period of time we have seen the various changes in the face of technology. And one of the most important ongoing instrument that had given it a new turn years back and continues to do the same even today: Automobiles.

And that’s where ‘BBIN-Inter Country Friendship Rally’ came along. The BBIN (Bangladesh Bhutan India Nepal) agreement is an agreement between these 4 neighbouring nations for the free movement of motor vehicles between borders. Before this, the movement of vehicular movement was restricted. The transport ministers of all the four nations collectively came together and signed this agreement as a gesture of goodwill, and building better international relations. IMG_7737
So as to put this agreement into motion, a BBIN Friendship Motor Rally was conducted in the city of Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, with their primary organiser being Kalinga Motor Sports. The sponsors also included big shot names like Asia Development, Toyota, Mahindra, Mayfair, Doordarshan, Rotary International etc. to name a few.
The event was graced by the Chief Justice of Orissa, Justice D.H Waghela and various other dignitaries who were presented with mementos made of terracotta. A cultural extravaganza was created by the fine cultural display of various art forms of all the four nations. After the mesmerizing show, the participants of all the four nations were invited upon the stage and were applauded by the audience and the dignitaries and at the same time, shown respect to by playing their national anthem. IMG_7760IMG_7755111

Then came the most important part of the evening, the Rally. More than a dozen people participated in this rally from all the four nations which also included three women. A total of 15 SUV’s took part in the rally out of which one was a service car from Mahindra and one other was a service car from Toyota. The rally was a 20 day trip where the participants would be travelling through India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. A  road map was provided to all the participants along with the traffic safety guidelines sending a healthy message and were wished good luck and a safe journey through the travel. The rally was flagged off by the Chief Guest for the evening. IMG_7779
Later in an exclusive interview with the man behind the Grand evening Mr. Ramesh Mahapatra, General Secretary, Kalinga Motor Sports, shared a few words “BBIN agreement is a great step towards a better future for the automotive sector. Also such rallies allow us to engage in dialogue and to build bridges, and it may even have the capacity to reshape international relations and give a better market as well as economy for the people of these countries and the world as well, to look up to”. On being asked about how this rally would help building up the area for better movement of vehicles he said that all these countries have a few tough terrains.  So this rally would act as organs of finding out such loopholes which can be then reported and taken care of by the higher authorities. His message to the younger generation was “Now that the borders are open, come forward. Go, move, run. Just don’t stop.”

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