Wednesday, February 1, 2023

What do you do after a car accident? [Video]

Do you know what you’re supposed to do if this happens?

  1. Always keep a first aid kit handy.
  2. Check for injuries.
  3. Walk on a straight line to ensure there is no brain injury or a concussion.
  4. In case you or anyone else is injured, call an ambulance at 101.
  5. Move people with minor injuries away from the accident spot and provide basic first aid.
  6. Remember, if someone is gravely injured, do not move them around a lot. This might aggravate their condition. Call police if needed.
  7. Once you’re out of the car, move it to the side of the road so a moving car doesn’t hit you.
  8. Can’t move your car without a tow truck? Call your insurer’s Road Side Assistance to tow it and take it to the closest network garage.
  9. Take photographs of:
    • The damage caused to yours and others’ cars
    • Injuries caused to you and the other victims and
    • The location of the accident
  10. Next, gather information.
  11. Make a note of:
    • Personal details of the driver and the owner
      (name, address, email ID, phone number. Driver as well as owner)
    • Details of the car
      (the make and model of the car and number plate number)
    • Insurance Details
      (their insurers’ name, number & policy number)
  12. Never lose your temper, get into an argument, or admit liability- this might invalidate your insurance. If the other driver is being violent, call the police on 100.
  13. If they don’t arrive in time, go to the nearest police station and file an FIR.
  14. In case no one is hurt and cars can be driven away safely, you might not want to call the police.
  15. Next, file your insurance claim:
    • Schedule an inspection with the insurance company.
    • Share all the evidence and a get a cost estimate
    • also always remember to keep your car papers handy
    • Get the repairs done and get your car back as good as new!

Above all, remember to drive safe!

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