Friday, January 27, 2023

Collaboration with Sandip Foundation

AutoSports India Collaboration with Sandip Foundation


Sandip Foundation and Autosports India have together formed an entente to bring about a big

difference to the automotive word. Sandip Foundation’s keen interest and prompt action in helping

Autosports build a better automotive environment has taken everybody aback and positive reviews

for this league has been subjected to the Sandip Foundation. By providing this opportunity, the

organization has led an example in spreading awareness about the need for good automobile

development and design and this step is being widely appreciated.

The alliance between Autosports India and Sandip Foundation is thought to be a thrilling event and

has elevated the hopes of many aspirers. AutoSports India and Sandip Foundation have shook hands

making Autosports India the official training partner of Sandip Foundation. Autosports sights to

perform development in activities of the motor sports field , namely- motor sports training and

events, automotive magazine and sports related managements and events.

The fundamental idea behind this cardinal deal is that Autosports will be engaged in giving

automotive training to aspiring students from all over the country in the Sandip campus. The

training titled "PASSION TO BUILD" will be inculcating both basic as well as advanced

knowledge about the development and design of cars, sports cars as well as All Terrain Vehicles, popularly

abbreviated as ATVs. This includes building ATVs as per rules and regulations of the BAJA SAE. The

training program will also consist of classes which will help render fundamental knowledge about

automobile engineering . Special emphasis on elaborate theory discussions will be exercised. The

training will be held in the state of Maharastra at multiple cities and locations welcoming students

from all over India on board.

Efficient trainers and experts with deep apprehension will be provided by Autosports India as

mentors for the training program. Certificates will be issued by Autosports India on successful

completion of the training program.

Autosports India main goals include providing enriched knowledge about motor sport vehicles and it

regularly organises training programs, workshops and mega events and competitions to do the

same. The last event, MegaATV Championship was a huge success with a large number of

participants with unmeasurable zeal and enthusiasm. Another event, Megakarting Championship

will soon be organized where the levels of enthusiasm and fun are expected to be higher.


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