Thursday, February 2, 2023

Mr.PANKAJ DUBEY M.D. Polaris India felicitation


Mr. Pankaj Dubey has established his name as the Managing Director of Polaris, India – a home to the best built All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Mr. Dubey, on his recent visit to the Mega ATV Championship organized by AutoSports India, delivered and extremely impelling speech that succeeded in galvanising the participants as well as one and all at the meet. Mr. Dubey also did the honours of presenting the cup to the winning team of Mega ATV Championship- Northen Bulls.

The pivot point of the speech was when Mr. Dubey, on behalf of Polaris, India offered a six -month paid internship to any two members of the winning team, which this year happened to be the Northern Bulls. Northern Bulls was 9-member team rising from the Ropar campus of R.I.E.T. They emerged as eligible champions in the final battle-ground in the Blackout Race.

Mr. Dubey appreciated and acknowledged the passion and enthusiasm that the participants were filled with and also vented his amazed feelings about the degree of skill the participants possessed. On a different note, Mr. Dubey dedicated a special mention to all the girls who had participated in the successful event and expressed to witness greater zeal and an increase in the number of girl participants in the forthcoming events to 30-40 percent of the total strength. Completely enthralled by the energy in the people engaged in the event, Mr. Dubey appreciated the inter as well as intra team support that was witnessed on the field.

During his spirit-elevating speech, Mr. Dubey thanked Autosports India in helping to spread awareness about ATVs through such events and also yearned that many more such events should see recognition in all parts of India and be organized on a frequent basis. He further divulged that ATVs see use in off-road areas and is widely used by the Indian Army, police, certain organizations as well as individuals.

Enraptured by the constant energy in the event, Mr. Dubey has promised full cooperation and better contribution from Polaris in the future events to be able to start a trend of ATVs in India which prove helpful in all events and circumstances.

Such fun and exciting prizes is expected to be seen in Mega Karting Championship which is a forth-coming event under Auto sports India. Similar bonuses from Polaris, India is known and the participation zeal is also on a hike. The event boasts to be a finer version of Mega ATV Championship with greater performance as well as unlimited fun.

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