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“Overlander Off-Road Adventure”  Registrations is live. Teams can register by visiting link provided below.

Date:     14th May to 15th May , 2022

Venue :  Goa


“Mega ATV Championship Season 7”  Registrations is live. Teams can register by visiting link provided below.


The fourth edition of the Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge (RFC) India, to be held in Goa from 22nd July to 30th July 2017, has witnessed a record 40 entries. This includes 8 entries from Hyderabad, 7 from Kerala, 4 teams from Mumbai, 7 from Karnataka including 4 entries from Bangalore, 3 teams each from Goa, Delhi and Chandigarh, 2 from Pune, 2 from Tamil Nadu and 1 entry from Yamunanagar.


As per Mr. Ashish Gupta, Director, Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd., the company that has the India franchise rights for RFC, “We opened registrations on 1st February through an announcement on our Social Media pages and received two third of the entries within 9 hours. This overwhelming response is quite heartening as it means that our hard work over the last three years has paid off and Force Gurkha RFC India is now a well-respected and coveted competition in the Indian off-roading community. Since it is an extremely tough competition and has to be completed in the stipulated time period, there is only a certain number of entries that we can accept. Hence, when we had reached the 40 mark in a couple of days, we decided to close registrations and requested others to wait till the next edition.”


Pune-based Force Motors Ltd, which was the title sponsor of the event for its first three editions, has retained the title sponsorship for the 2017 edition as well.


In a surprise move, Mumbai-based Fairmont Group has signed veteran Malaysian driver Mervyn Lim, who was the first runner-up in all the previous editions of Force Gurkha RFC India, to drive for them in RFC India 2017. In the earlier editions, Lim represented Force Motors Ltd. Team Fairmont, which has 4 entries in the competition this year, will also feature a US driver who will be driving an IronScorpion HMV, a vehicle that has replaced the Hummer in the US Army. The third vehicle for this team will be manned by the Group’s Director Sameer Chunawala, who will be competing in Force Gurkha RFC India for the third consecutive year. According to 35-year old Sameer, “RFC India is the most awaited offroading event in our country and every hardcore off-roader wants to compete in it. However, I have realized over the years that our vehicle potential and driving skills are nowhere near international offroaders. Now that Mervyn is a part of our team, I intend to learn the finer details of offroading from him. This year, my aim is to successfully complete all the Special Stages and come in the top 5.”


While the entries for this year include several Force Gurkha RFC India veterans, there are also quite a few newcomers. 36-year old R Sumanth Shenoy from Chikmagalur town of Karnataka, who has been offroading since he was in 8th standard, says that this entry is a dream-come-true for him. “RFC is the crown of motorsport in India and I have wanted to participate in it right from the first edition. While business commitments prevented me from participating in the first two editions, I couldn’t compete last year as my vehicle was not ready. Now, my Mahindra Jeep is completely modified and I am looking forward to my maiden attempt at RFC India. I have even given the name ‘Mud Bull’ to my vehicle as it looks like a monster beast!”


Another new entrant to the competition, Dattaraj Dessai from Goa has been religiously following Force Gurkha RFC India since the first edition. He says, “I used to travel to all the locations and watch the competitors performing in the Special Stages. Then, after the event got over, I would go to the same locations and practice on those tracks. It has taken me over two years to prepare my vehicle but now I am fully ready. I recently competed in my first off-road competition in Pune and came fourth in the diesel category. In fact, I was better in some stages than some seasoned off-roaders. Hence, I am quite confident about my capabilities and will be entering RFC India 2017 with an intention to win.”


While the competitors are gearing up to challenge each other, the event organizers are also planning to surprise them with some changes in order to make the competition tougher. “This year, the event will have a changed format for the Special Stages, with a variation in the running order and sequence of the SS. We also plan to have some part of the competition at new sites and will shortly start the recce process for the same.” Mr. Ashish Gupta said.


He added, “We are also increasing the stakes this year as the total benefits that the top Indian driver of the competition will get will amount to $8,000. This includes the automatic fully paid for entry in the RFC 2017 Grand Final in Malaysia that is worth $3,900 and the travel expenses amounting to around $1,100. Additionally, this year Cougar Motorsport will contribute up to $3,000 towards the cost of arranging the competition vehicle for the Mother Event in Malaysia.”


Following is the list of the teams that would be participating in Force Gurkha RFC India 2017:


S.No Driver Co-Driver Place Team
1 Dr Chaitanya Challa   Hyderabad  
2 Rajasekhara Prabhu   Hyderabad  
3 Kranthi Kumar Vengala   Hyderabad  
4 Krishna Reddy   Hyderabad  
5 Venkat Devineni   Hyderabad  
6 Abinav Reddy Nukala   Hyderabad CORAC
7 Jithender Nath A   Hyderabad CORAC
8 Laxmikanth Reddy   Hyderabad CORAC
9 Sam Kurian Kalarickal   Kerala KTM Jeepers
10 Anand V Manjooran   Kerala KTM Jeepers
11 Raju Paul   Kerala KTM Jeepers
12 Shemy Mustafa   Kerala KTM Jeepers
13 Shibu Varghese   Kerala  
14 Robish M.K.   Kerala  
15 Team Flywheel-KASC   Kerala Team Flywheel – KASC
16 Team Fairmont   Mumbai Team Fairmont
17 Team Fairmont   Mumbai Team Fairmont
18 Team Fairmont   Mumbai Team Fairmont
19 Team Fairmont   Mumbai Team Fairmont
20 Daulat Deepram Choudhary   Pune  
21 Ajit Bache Sandip Yadav Pune Pune Offroaders
22 Cedrick Jordan DaSilva   Goa  
23 Tejas Prakash Shindolkar   Goa  
24 Dattaraj Dessai   Goa  
25 Vivek Kuriakosse Ashok Kuriakosse Bangalore BODA
26 Lokesh Shivaraja Rohith KR Bangalore BODA
27 Siddartha Santosh Prithviraj AC Bangalore BODA
28 Prashanth GV Pradeep Gowda Bangalore BODA
29 R Sumanth Shenoy Mohnish L Chikmagalur  
30 Narthan Byramudi   Sakleshpur Mudhogs
31 Jagat Nanjappa Chetan Changappa Coorg V5 Offroaders
32 Gowtham Santhakumar   Pollachi  
33 Guhan Shetty Umesh Rane Tirunelveli Spartan Off Road Motor Sports
34 Bijender Singh   Delhi NIOC
35 Pragun Arora   Delhi NIOC
36 Dr Kartik Sharma   Delhi NIOC
37 Sushant Saini   Yamunanagar  
38 Kabir Waraich   Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
39 Dushyant Khosla   Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
40 Gurmeet Virdi   Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders

Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation’s, Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil College of Engineering, Ahmednagar spread across 200 acres situated in serene atmosphere amidst idyllic hills and lush green meadows is one of the oldest and venerated engineering colleges in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. The institute is affiliated to SavitribaiPhule Pune University (Formerly University of Pune) offering various Undergraduate (UG) and Post-Graduate (PG) courses.


DVVPCOE Ahmednagar was established in the year 1983 & has completed 33 years of academic excellence since its inception gives deep meaning of world-class campus. This institute has grown many folds and has acquired a leading position in technical education. It is situated at Vadgaon Gupta (ViladGhat), Ahmednagar, in the neighbourhood of M.I.D.C. area, having an advantage of excellent student interaction for benefit of students. It is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) of the Government of India and recognized by Government of Maharashtra. This institute is a recipient of Accreditation status from National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi and National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore.


This institution does not limit itself to being technically extravagant but also it is culturally diversified. The campus is buzzing lot of activities all through the year, which provides opportunities to students to showcase their talent and to prove their mettle in various genres. College provides financial assistance to students for participating in various types of events like paper presentation, seminars, workshops also helps to the economically backward students. In a way, the Institutes not only shapes the careers of the student but also makes them fit to face the real world challenges that are posed in the society. The best part in the institute has been the teacher-student partnership achieving the mission and goals. The students engross themselves enthusiastically and actively in teaching-learning process and research work to gain knowledge before they venture into the professional world which facilitates all round growth of the students.


Download Venue Details


After creating history in July at Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 by becoming the first Indian duo to win the country’s toughest off-road motorsport event, Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh’s Gurmeet Virdi and Kirpal Singh Tung are all set to hoist the Indian flag in the Malaysian soil at the 20th edition of the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Grand Final. To be held from 25th November to 5th December, RFC 2016 Grand Final is going to be a mega clash of the best offroaders from across the globe, as they compete for the winner’s trophy at the 2016 Edition of one of the world’s top ten toughest motor races.


RFC Grand Final is the culmination of the Global RFC Series, which has 25 editions worldwide in countries like India, Australia, Russia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, Myanmar, Ukraine, Balkans, South Europe and North Europe among others. The event was launched in India in 2014 by Delhi-based Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd. and despite being only three editions old, RFC India is today proclaimed by the entire Indian off-road community as the toughest off-road motorsport event of the country.


As per RFC India format, the top Indian driver of the competition gets a free automatic entry to RFC Grand Final. Therefore, Gurmeet will be representing India at the global series’ finale this year. This is the second time that an Indian team would be competing in RFC Grand Final and it is also Gurmeet’s second attempt at this mega event. In 2014, he was the co-driver of the first ever Indian team that participated in RFC Grand Final. This time round, Gurmeet will be competing as the driver while Tung will support him as his navigator.


As per Mr. Luis J.A. Wee, the Founder of the Rainforest Challenge, “It’s really wonderful to see our current RFC India champion making it to the mother event RFC in Malaysia. I am very sure that the skills that Gurmeet & Kirpal have displayed in Goa will be put to good use competing against the other internationals. They are also both very cool players, and such traits plus their improved driving and recovery skills will add to their advantage. So, good luck and best wishes to our Indian champion team!”


This year’s special 20th edition of RFC Grand Final will take place in Pahang, the biggest state in peninsula Malaysia and a tropical paradise for sports & adventure based tourism. The event will have twenty four Special Stages (SS) that will be divided into four progressively difficult competitive legs – the Prologue, the Predator, the Terminator and the Twilight Zone. The competition will test the competitors’ strength, endurance, driving and vehicle recovery skills under extreme off-road conditions and the team with the maximum points at the end of all the SS will be announced as the winner.


Wishing the Indian team luck for the upcoming competition, Force Motors Ltd’s Managing Director Mr. Prasan Firodia said, “Force Motors would like to wish Gurmeet and team good luck for RFC Malaysia 2016. His performance at Force Gurkha Rainforest Challenge, India has raised the bar of Indian off-roading. May he bring the Winner’s trophy back to India!”


For Gurmeet, participating in RFC Grand Final 2014 was a true test of his survival instincts and unlike anything he had experienced before. In contrast to RFC India, where the competitors had a decently-sized support team to take care of the team’s food and other requirements, in Malaysia they had to fend for themselves throughout the competition, having only a skeleton support team of 2 mechanics.


Recounting his experience at RFC Grand Final 2014, Gurmeet said, “We faced a lot of issues with our vehicle and had to deal with all mechanical faults ourselves. Ultimately we had to bow out of the competition because of vehicle failure. It did not really affect us then, as we were happy just to have competed against such renowned and experienced international offroaders, that too in our dream event! However, this is my second attempt at RFC Grand Final and we are very serious about the competition. That’s why we have been extremely careful in our selection of vehicle. After extensive research, we have finalized a Suzuki Samurai, with a 3000 cc turbo engine, which meets all RFC specifications. We are very confident about our technique and skills and are sure that we can give a tough competition to other international offroaders. After all, throughout RFC India 2016 we competed neck-to-neck against and ultimately scored more than Tan Eng Joo and Merwyn Lim, who have won RFC Grand Final multiple times! If the vehicle supports us till the end, then I am quite hopeful of getting a podium finish at RFC Grand Final 2016.”





Gurmeet’s confidence is also due to the exceptional navigation skills of his co-driver, who has a major role to play in RFC. “Kirpal has the spirit of a champion and the patience required to handle pressure situations. He is extremely fit and proactive and comes up with quick and practical solutions to problems. We share a very strong rapport and understand each other well, which makes for a great team work. I am happy that he is accompanying me for the upcoming competition. If he had not agreed to be my navigator, I would not have participated in RFC Grand Final 2016.”


Cougar Motorsport’s Founder & Director Mr. Ashish Gupta is keeping his fingers crossed for the duo and hopes to see some amazing offroad action from them in the upcoming competition. He said, “Both of them are seasoned offroaders and Gurmeet’s graph has steadily grown over the last three years at RFC India. At this year’s edition, they displayed international level of skill and technique that ultimately resulted in their historic win. Since the toughness quotient of RFC India is quite high and they nailed it beautifully, I am confident that the Indian team will give a very tough competition to the other teams at the RFC Grand Final.”


25 Indian teams competing in Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 announced

Competition expected to be extremely tough with some of the best off-roaders of India all set to compete in the off-road motorsport event.


The list of the 25 Indian teams that will compete in Season 3 of Force Gurkha RFC India has been announced and it has created quite a stir in the Indian offroading community. While some of the competitors who have participated in the first two editions of RFC India are back for another adrenalin-filled week of extreme offroading, the line-up for Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 sees a lot of prominent offroaders of the country making a debut in the toughest and the first international off-road motorsport event of India.

Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh, Bangalore Offroaders Development Association (BODA) and KTM Jeepers from Kerala lead the pack with 4 entries from each of these off-roading clubs. Mumbai’s Team Fairmont and Hyderabad’s Charminar Off Road Adventure Club (CORAC) will each be represented by 2 teams. V5 Offroaders from Coorg, Mudhogs from Sakleshpur, Northern India Offroad Club (NIOC) and Incredible Offroaders Goa will be represented by one team per club at ‘THE’ off-road motorsport event of the year. Force Gurkha RFC India 2016 will take place in Goa from 22nd July to 29th July.

Force Gurkha RFC India 2015  (3)


Two of the competitors, Jagat Nanjappa from V5 Offroaders and Tejinder Singh from Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh, are the winners of Force Gurkha RFC South and North India Chapters respectively which were held earlier this year. As a result, they have earned free automatic entry to Force Gurkha RFC India 2016. Two factory-backed Force Motors teams, led by Malaysian drivers Tan Eng Joo and Mervyn Lim, will be back in the fray trying to retain their top two slots of the previous two editions. Additionally, there are two individual entries from Pune and Hyderabad.


As per Mr. Ashish Gupta, Founder & Director, Cougar Motorsport Pvt. Ltd., the company that organizes RFC India, “It is heartening to see the overwhelming response that we have received this year. With almost two months to go for the event, we have already closed entries. This year’s list of Indian competitors is the best I could have asked for with a balanced mix of new talent, RFC India veterans and seasoned offroaders. I think this is a culmination of all the hard work that we have done and the goodwill we have earned since we launched the event in 2014.”


Force Gurkha RFC India is an extreme off-road motorsport event which is a part of the RFC Global Series with 25 editions worldwide. The RFC Mother Event, held in Malaysia, is counted among the top ten toughest motor races in the world. Though it is only two editions old, RFC Founder & Creator Luis J.A. Wee counts RFC India among the top 3 in the RFC Global Series. The week-long event tests the driving and vehicle recovery skills of the competitors under extreme off-road conditions through a series of challenges or Special Stages (SS). The team with the maximum points at the end of all the SS is announced as the winner of the competition and the best Indian driver of the event gets an automatic free entry to RFC Malaysia where he competes with the best offroaders from across the world.


Jagat Nanjappa, a veteran rallyist and an off-roading expert who has won nine Indian National Rally Riders Championships in the past, is all set for his debut at RFC India. “It is good to see names of the top offroaders from across the country in the list and I am looking forward to competing with them. Right now all my focus is on improving the reliability of my vehicle so that I don’t end up spending every evening during the competition under my Jeep!” Jagat said. After all, RFC India is a tough competition and vehicle breakdowns are a part and parcel of the event.


“Last year, Gerrari teams started the competition on a brilliant note and Gurmeet was in the lead during the initial days. However, we lost some crucial SS when the tyre of our vehicle came out of the rim which had a drastic impact on our overall rankings. This year, we will make sure that we are prepared for such contingencies.” said Kabir Waraich of Gerrari Offroaders Chandigarh, who got a podium finish in the previous editions of Force Gurkha RFC India and has been the top ranked Indian driver in the event in both the previous editions. He added, “This year’s event has seen the maximum number of entries and I expect the competition to be a lot tougher. The line-up is also quite interesting with the top offroaders from various regions participating. Jagat Nanjappa is an ex-rallyist and a tough competitor. Also, Gurmeet Virdi is coming to RFC India for the third consecutive year and after his fantastic performance last year, I consider him to be a big threat.”

Force Gurkha RFC India 2015 (1)


According to Prashanth GV of BODA, “RFC India is gaining popularity year by year. Competitors are becoming much more serious about this event than they were earlier. I have seen some of the vehicles that are being prepared for the upcoming challenge and the build quality is extremely good. People have been dedicatedly working on improving the technical aspects of their vehicles since the last 6-8 months which proves how much respect RFC India has garnered within the off-roading community in such a short period. The competitors are ready for a much more advanced and tougher competition as compared to last year. I hope that the event organizers will give us good stages which are way more challenging than last year and at new locations.”


Following is the list of 25 Indian teams that will be competing in Force Gurkha RFC India 2016:


S.No Driver Co Driver Place Team
1 Kabir Waraich Gagan Sachdeva Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
2 Gurmeet Virdi Kirpal Singh Tung Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
3 Gurpratap Singh Sanbir Singh Dhaliwal Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
4 Tejinder Singh Harpreet Singh Chandigarh Gerrari Offroaders
5 Bijender Singh Gajender Singh New Delhi NIOC
6 Sameer Chunawala Amrut Kadam Mumbai Team Fairmont
7 Sajid Fakih Imran Kazi Mumbai Team Fairmont
8 Daulat Chaudhary Jay Kumar Pune
9 Prashanth GV Pradeep Gowda Bangalore BODA
10 Lokesh Shivaraj Rohith KR Bangalore BODA
11 Vivek Kuriakose Ashok Kuriakose Bangalore BODA
12 Pradeep Kumar Prithviraj AC Bangalore BODA
13 Narthan Byramudi Satish Kumar Sakleshpur Mudhogs
14 Jagat Nanjappa Chethan Chengappa Coorg V5 Offroaders
15 Sam Kurian Karaickal Guhan Shetty Kerala KTM Jeepers
16 Kurian Kurian Prem Kumar Kerala KTM Jeepers
17 Anand Manjooran George Verghese Kerala KTM Jeepers
18 Raju Paul Kevin Kerala KTM Jeepers
19 Chaitanya Challa Shabarish Jagarapu Hyderabad Team Hyderabad
20 Rajsekhara Prabhu Arun Parikshat Hyderabad Team Mars
21 Abinav Nukala T Laxmikanth Hyderabad CORAC
22 Jitender Raju Sukesh Reddy Hyderabad CORAC
23 Tejas Prakash Shindolkar Pushkar Audi Goa Incredible Offroaders Goa
24 Tan Eng Joo Tan Choon Hong Pune Force Motors Ltd
25 Merwyn Lim Hamizan Bin Abdul Hamid Pune Force Motors Ltd


About Sandip Foundation

Established in 2005, Sandip Foundation aims in creating an education system which would home the leaders of tomorrow. The college building is spread across a 200 acre area in Nashik, Maharashtra which happens to be our first campus. Important necessities in today’s generation has been kept in mind while planning the campus which is Wi-Fi enabled, has laboratories with latest tools, a comprehensive library having RFID technology, a computer centre with complete internet connectivity & a wholesome cafeteria. To give our students a pleasant professional environment, the foundation is covered in greenery.

Sandip Foundation was established with the core objective of rendering selfless ,dedicated  higher education in the fields of Engineering, Science, Arts, Management Studies, Polytechnic and Pharmacy. The Visionaries of Sandip Foundation have been involved in the field of higher education since the last fifteen years and have provided valuable service to thousands of students across the country. In the quest of enhancing cause of higher education, professional courses across various fields are designed and set up with the institution housed out of Nashik. It is our Vision to provide education aided by best infrastructure available in the most congenial atmosphere so that every student can aspire high, achieve his dreams and succeed in life. Sandip Foundation is an educational institution which strives to form men and women who will build a more just and humane world. It strives for an intellectual endeavour that focuses on critical and creative thinking, with an aim of social transformation. Our colleges are among the Best Engineering colleges in Maharashtra. The College makes a preferential option for the marginalized and it seeks to forge all-round development, inculcating both human and spiritual values. Competence, compassion and commitment are the hallmarks of the human person we seek to encourage. Sandip Foundation is affiliated to All India Council of Technical Education and Savitribai Phule Pune University. In its short span of existence, it has created a name for itself through its honest effort to provide quality education.  Being amongst the Top Engineering Colleges in India, its infrastructure is world class with workshops, state-of-the-art Laboratories, overhead projectors in every classroom, an extensive library and hostel facilities for outdoor students. The faculty and staff are dedicated in their task of making the Institution a world-class learning centre and hence constantly look to improve the learning process. The relentless pursuit of new horizons in research, teaching, and cultural service is what the Foundation considers its mission to be. We aim to create, preserve, renew and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of the world we live in. We believe that we can help our students learn tomorrow today and emerge as leaders with competence, conscience and compassion.



  • To build a strong Centre of Excellence in Learning & Research in Engineering and Frontier Technology.
  • To facilitate students to learn and imbibe discipline, culture and spirituality besides encouraging them to assimilate the latest technological know how.
  • To render a helping hand to the under privileged, thereby acquiring happiness and imparting the same to others without any reservation whatsoever.
  • To emerge into a magnificent and mighty launching pad to turn out technological gains.





  • To mould our youngsters into Millennium Leaders not only in Technological and Scientific fields but also to nurture and strengthen the innate goodness and humane nature in them.
  • To equip them to face the future challenges in technological breakthroughs , information explosions and deliver the bounties of frontier knowledge for the benefit of humanity in general, the downtrodden and the underprivileged in particular as envisaged by our great Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.


  1. Courses Offered
  • Engineering degree courses –
  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Information Technology Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Electronics & TeleCommunication Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  • Management courses –
  1. Master of Business Administration (with multiple specializations)
  • Pharmacy Courses –
  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  2. Master of Pharmacy
  • Engineering Diploma/Polytechnic courses –
  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Information Technology Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Electronics & TeleCommunication Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering



  1. Placement

We at Sandip Foundation are keen in extending help to all other TPOs and taking help, for effective placement of students community. We take pride in stating that SANDIP FOUNDATION had established good platform in Placements of fresh engineering graduates and management post graduates for leading manufacturing and service companies in India.


The goal of Training & Placement cell is to provide employment opportunities to students & make them industry ready.
The Training and Placement, Career Guidance & Entrepreneurship Cell of this college provides guidance and all the assistance for the students in order to achieve their career goals. The unit takes right steps in identifying the demands of the current industry and prepares our students towards this need. Adequate emphasis is given for soft skill development complementing the regular academic programs.
Aptitude tests and group discussions are conducted at regular intervals to enable the students to improve their performance in competitive exams. The Placement Officer who is assisted by faculty and student representatives from all the departments heads this unit. Job oriented courses and special training programs are regularly conducted. Sandip Foundation also welcomes guest lectures, visiting faculty members for training students and faculty members too.


TPO Activities
• Arranging MOCK sessions for enhancing the communication skills, group discussion techniques, and written test which are the screening methods used by the organizations these days
• Developing a strong bond between industry and students by keeping up to the expectations of both.
• Arranging guest lectures by eminent personalities from the industry so at to emphasis the ever changing need of the industry and how to make one ready for it.
• Continuous updating the database for meeting the different requirements from the organizations and to make students chose the best possible company and remunerations.
• Updating various departments about the requirements of the industry so as to enable them to get the students ready for the external world.
• Arranging In-plant training, Industrial visits, Projects, Guest lectures and other Industry-Institute interaction activities.
• Faculty Development Programs.
• Orientation Program for Students.
• Career Counselling & Development Centre.
• Entrepreneurship Guidance Programs.
• Placement Seminars & Talks.

All final year students are exposed / trained in the following areas:
• Career Awareness sessions.
• Model Aptitude tests, Mock Group discussions & Interviews to excel in the Recruitment process.
• Guidance sessions for higher studies.


Placement Activities:
We have full-fledged Placement cell, which monitors the employment opportunities and arrange campus interviews for the final year students. Our Campus recruitment program starts by the beginning of the Pre-Final semester. The On Campus recruitment program keeps continuing till the end of their final semester. We offer support for our students by arranging Off-Campus Interviews also.





  1. Achievements
Sandip Institute of Engineering & Management Secured 6th  rank among the top emerging colleges in India  By Times of India survey of 2016
Secured 7th position in West Zone Siliconindia 2016
Ranked 9th In “Academic Excellence” Among B-Schools In India In 2016 Siliconindia
Ranked 10th In “Industry Interface” Among B-Schools In India In 2016 Siliconindia
MBA Among Top-100-Bschools-In India Dalal Street Survey-2015


Launching of SAE BAJA Vehicle

The BAJA SAE Series is the event for the undergraduate engineering students organized globally by the Society of Automotive Engineers, USA. Mahindra & Mahindra is the Title Sponsor of this event. SAE BAJA is All India national level competition held at Pithampur, Indore from 16th to 24 th Feb. The Tunn Buggi Vehicle is Designed and Manufactured by the students of Mechanical Engg department,SIEM.The Team DELTA GENESIS (SIEM,Nashik) positioned a rank in first 30.





MSBTE Winter 2015 Exam Toppers

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal, a commitment to excellence will enable you to attain the success you seek “. Yet another feather of success in the cap of Sandip Polytechnic got added when the bright and talented students of Sandip Polytechnic scored brilliant marks and brought glory to its college in MSBTE Winter Examination 2015-16.Sandip Polytechnic is proud to have such meritorious students pursuing their goals in their respective disciplines.








AutoSports India Collaboration with Sandip Foundation


Sandip Foundation and Autosports India have together formed an entente to bring about a big

difference to the automotive word. Sandip Foundation’s keen interest and prompt action in helping

Autosports build a better automotive environment has taken everybody aback and positive reviews

for this league has been subjected to the Sandip Foundation. By providing this opportunity, the

organization has led an example in spreading awareness about the need for good automobile

development and design and this step is being widely appreciated.

The alliance between Autosports India and Sandip Foundation is thought to be a thrilling event and

has elevated the hopes of many aspirers. AutoSports India and Sandip Foundation have shook hands

making Autosports India the official training partner of Sandip Foundation. Autosports sights to

perform development in activities of the motor sports field , namely- motor sports training and

events, automotive magazine and sports related managements and events.

The fundamental idea behind this cardinal deal is that Autosports will be engaged in giving

automotive training to aspiring students from all over the country in the Sandip campus. The

training titled "PASSION TO BUILD" will be inculcating both basic as well as advanced

knowledge about the development and design of cars, sports cars as well as All Terrain Vehicles, popularly

abbreviated as ATVs. This includes building ATVs as per rules and regulations of the BAJA SAE. The

training program will also consist of classes which will help render fundamental knowledge about

automobile engineering . Special emphasis on elaborate theory discussions will be exercised. The

training will be held in the state of Maharastra at multiple cities and locations welcoming students

from all over India on board.

Efficient trainers and experts with deep apprehension will be provided by Autosports India as

mentors for the training program. Certificates will be issued by Autosports India on successful

completion of the training program.

Autosports India main goals include providing enriched knowledge about motor sport vehicles and it

regularly organises training programs, workshops and mega events and competitions to do the

same. The last event, MegaATV Championship was a huge success with a large number of

participants with unmeasurable zeal and enthusiasm. Another event, Megakarting Championship

will soon be organized where the levels of enthusiasm and fun are expected to be higher.



Mr. Pankaj Dubey has established his name as the Managing Director of Polaris, India – a home to the best built All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Mr. Dubey, on his recent visit to the Mega ATV Championship organized by AutoSports India, delivered and extremely impelling speech that succeeded in galvanising the participants as well as one and all at the meet. Mr. Dubey also did the honours of presenting the cup to the winning team of Mega ATV Championship- Northen Bulls.

The pivot point of the speech was when Mr. Dubey, on behalf of Polaris, India offered a six -month paid internship to any two members of the winning team, which this year happened to be the Northern Bulls. Northern Bulls was 9-member team rising from the Ropar campus of R.I.E.T. They emerged as eligible champions in the final battle-ground in the Blackout Race.

Mr. Dubey appreciated and acknowledged the passion and enthusiasm that the participants were filled with and also vented his amazed feelings about the degree of skill the participants possessed. On a different note, Mr. Dubey dedicated a special mention to all the girls who had participated in the successful event and expressed to witness greater zeal and an increase in the number of girl participants in the forthcoming events to 30-40 percent of the total strength. Completely enthralled by the energy in the people engaged in the event, Mr. Dubey appreciated the inter as well as intra team support that was witnessed on the field.

During his spirit-elevating speech, Mr. Dubey thanked Autosports India in helping to spread awareness about ATVs through such events and also yearned that many more such events should see recognition in all parts of India and be organized on a frequent basis. He further divulged that ATVs see use in off-road areas and is widely used by the Indian Army, police, certain organizations as well as individuals.

Enraptured by the constant energy in the event, Mr. Dubey has promised full cooperation and better contribution from Polaris in the future events to be able to start a trend of ATVs in India which prove helpful in all events and circumstances.

Such fun and exciting prizes is expected to be seen in Mega Karting Championship which is a forth-coming event under Auto sports India. Similar bonuses from Polaris, India is known and the participation zeal is also on a hike. The event boasts to be a finer version of Mega ATV Championship with greater performance as well as unlimited fun.

The four day ATV Racing event conducted by Autosports India in association with Kalinga Motorsports Club concluded in Bhubaneswar on 7th March 2016.

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The event witnessed 53 racing teams from Engineering colleges all across India. Mr. Pankaj Dubey , MD & Country Head of Polaris India flagged of the Night Blackout racing event, which was a unique attraction for the spectators.


Team Northern Bulls stood first overall.

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Curtains came down on the biennial automotive show ‘Auto Expo’ with the event witnessing over 108 product launches and unveilings during the five days. The event was opened for general public from February 5.

“We believe the Auto Expo has successfully evolved from being just another exhibition of vehicles to a showcase of Indian manufacturing strength and technological capabilities. With over 108 new products being launched and unveiled and over 6,01,914 footfalls received over the last one week, we believe this Expo will strengthen the belief of our manufacturers in the Indian automotive industry. We would like to thank all those who visited the Motor Show as well as all our exhibitors, partners and the media. They are the ones who have made this show a success and helped us reach the desired level of excellence,” said Vishnu Mathur, Director General, SIAM.


This year’s Auto Expo is the biggest in its history, with SUVs and crossovers playing a prominent role as manufacturers display their upcoming cars to the Indian market. Some of the major participants would be Maruti Suzuki India, Mahindra, Hyundai Motor India, Honda Cars India, Tata Motors and Audi, among others. New participants included Jeep, Polaris, and Italian motorcycle maker Benelli.


The show witnessed various Bollywood stars including Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham, Aliya Bhatt, Anil Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee turning up for various events.

The cricketing fraternity too had a fair share of representation in the form of Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Virat Kohli, Piyush Chawla and former cricket legend Mohinder Amarnath.

This year’s AutoExpo was great and according to Ford Motor Company’s calculations, India is going to be the world’s third-biggest automobile market by 2020 with sales of seven million units per annum.

The Auto Expo 2016 was the largest ever in its recorded history and has just finished bombarding the market with lots of new rides. There were new Mercs, Audis, BMWs, Marutis, Mahindras and the amazing Ford Mustang. But away from the mainstream was a car that set the pulse racing. Offered by a Bangalore based industrial design studio and prototyping company, Motormind, the Hyperion1 can be called as the Indian iteration of the KTM X-Bow.

The Hyperion1 a product of 3 years of research and development, is an open-wheeled car with F1 styling and most of the creature comforts. The company says, it is the perfect balance between a road car and a track car, a first in India. The exterior is visually aesthetic, with the front getting an agressive split feature. The sides and tail play host to ‘aero style spoilers’ and the rear features cooling ducts and a diffuser. So its aerodynamically efficient. Inside their are two body-hugging, fully-adjustable leather seats separated by a ‘driver-centric’ carbon-fibre central. The fully adjustable steering wheel is 3D printed. The car also offers actuated vertical lifting doors which add to the aesthetics.

All-in-one this car has to be one of the finest attempts to built a hyper by an Indian manufacturer. #makeinindia

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