Shipping Policy

Effective Date: 1st April,2023

This Shipping Policy (“Policy”) outlines the terms and conditions related to the delivery of event-related services and products by MECHIES AUTOSPORTS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED hereafter referred to as the “Company.” By engaging in our services, you agree to comply with the terms set forth in this Policy.

  1. Nature of Services: As an event management and service provider, our company primarily offers intangible services, and physical shipping of products may not be applicable to all transactions. This policy primarily addresses the delivery aspects of tangible goods or event-related materials.
  2. Shipping of Tangible Goods: In cases where tangible goods are involved, such as event merchandise, promotional materials, or physical tickets, the Company will specify the shipping details during the purchase process. Shipping costs, estimated delivery times, and any other relevant information will be communicated to the customer.
  3. Delivery Times: The delivery times for tangible goods will vary depending on the nature of the products and the location of the customer. The Company will make reasonable efforts to ensure that products are delivered within the specified timeframe. However, delivery times may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or events beyond the Company’s control.
  4. Shipping Costs: Shipping costs, if applicable, will be clearly communicated to the customer during the checkout process. The customer is responsible for covering any shipping fees associated with the delivery of tangible goods.
  5. Delivery Partners: The Company may engage third-party delivery partners to fulfill the shipping of tangible goods. While we will work with reliable partners, the Company is not responsible for any delays, damages, or issues that may arise during the shipping process. Any concerns related to delivery should be directed to the designated delivery partner.
  6. Electronic Delivery of Services: As an event management and service provider, a significant portion of our services may be delivered electronically. This includes event planning, coordination, and communication. Customers will receive relevant electronic documentation, tickets, or information via email or other digital channels.
  7. Event Setup and On-site Services: For on-site event services, our team will coordinate with the customer to ensure timely setup and execution. The terms and conditions for on-site services will be detailed in the specific service agreement or contract.
  8. Contact Information: For any inquiries or concerns regarding our Shipping Policy or the delivery of services, please contact us at [insert contact email/phone number].

By engaging in our services, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Shipping Policy. The Company reserves the right to update or modify this Policy at any time, and customers are encouraged to review it periodically.

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